Welcome to Chalk Mark!

We are a husband & wife owned custom clothing company based in Layton, Utah. We have been in the clothing business for over 10 years and love helping our clients look and feel great! We believe that how you dress reflects not only how you feel on the inside, but the goals you have for your future. 

Many of our clients, family and friends ask us all kinds of style questions. From "Can I use a suit jacket as a sport coat?" to "What is a full canvas garment?".  We figured that if they have these questions, so do you. We decided the best way to address this is to write an informative post quarterly. If there are any topics you would like covered, please message us! We would love to get feedback and answer your questions.  

We are excited about this new Q&A side of our business and the opportunity to connect with more people! Our goal with this blog is to share our knowledge with you and learn more ourselves. We look forward to working with you!

-Greg & Amanda 



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