Every Smith Bespoke client has their pattern drawn by hand by one of our master tailors, regardless of the make that is chosen. We revel in this old world approach to tailoring and find that we love the intricacies of hand-drawn work, rather than patterns done through AutoCAD or other systems.
Signature: Our standard suit construction is made by skilled artisans using sewing machines, while taking the finest care to construct your suit to your specifications. Our Made to Measure suiting is done in this make.
  • Our signature make has the sleeves sewn partially by hand to allow for maximum movement.
No extra charge, this is our base make
Half-Hand: Our Half-Hand line combines the finest machine work with old-fashioned hand tailoring. As with our Signature make, the pattern and fabric are both cut by hand. The Half-Hand make adds the following items to your suit:
  • Hand sewn buttonholes and pick stitching
  • Hand made pockets, collar and "Milanese" lapel buttonhole
  • Sleeves are attached by hand

+$200 per suit, $100 per sport jacket

Our Semi-Bespoke suiting and jacketing is done in this make.


Full-Hand: As with our Signature and Half-Hand makes, the pattern and fabric are all cut by hand. The Full-Hand make however is a whole new world when it comes to handmade clothing. Your entire suit is constructed by hand by our skilled tailors. This is the quintessential Smith Bespoke experience and we hope you will try it on your next garment. This make includes:
  • Hand construction throughout the jacket including the lapel, canvassing, collar, and everything else included in the half-hand make
  • Hand construction throughout the trousers, including a handmade waistband, pockets, belt loops and everything else included in the half-hand make

+$500 per suit/+$350 per sport jacket

Our Full Bespoke is done in this make.

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We work closely with many mills to ensure we have the best fabrics available.
 Mills We Work With: Fabrics We Use:
Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool
Guabello Silk
Tessilstrona Linen
Loro Piana Cashmere
Ermenegildo Zegna Cotton
Marzoni Bamboo
Dormeuil Vicuna
Holland & Sherry



One of the best opportunities to showcase your unique style is in your jacket lining. We have thousands of linings to choose from. Whether it's conservative or daring, we have a lining for you. 

To make your jacket even more unique, we offer a Custom Lining program. You can send us any image or idea and we will create a custom lining just for you. 

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