At Smith Bespoke, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to look your best. We have a simple process when we meet a new client in person:
Consultation: We want to learn about YOU. We like to do a personalized consultation regarding your current wardrobe and needs for the future.


Design: With thousands of fabrics from the top English and Italian mills, we can help you find what you want. We provide custom tailored suits, sport jackets, shirts, and even polos and sweaters.

Our suits start at $695 and our shirts start at $150.

Measurements: This is the most important part of our consultation. We take 38+ measurements on your body while taking into account your fit preferences to get your clothing exactly how you want, right from the beginning.

Clothing Construction: After our extensive fitting process, our tailors draft patterns by hand for your clothing. Every one of our suit patterns are drafted this way regardless of the "Make" you select. After the pattern is made, our tailors build your garments from the ground up, taking every part of your body type into account, so that the garment fits correctly.
First Fitting: When the tailors have finished your clothing, we will contact you to schedule the first fitting (usually 4-6 weeks after our initial appointment). During this first fitting, we will make adjustments if necessary to the fit of the garment based on your preferences. These adjustments will be made to your pattern at the factory, so future orders can be made easily. Often, no adjustments are needed. If this is the case for your first fitting, you can take your clothes with you at this point!
Final Fitting: If Adjustments were made, we will deliver your finished clothing to you within a week of your first fitting. All of your patterns will be fully updated at this point and ready for any new clothing you would like to order.
We expect nothing but perfection from ourselves and we will do all we can to have you 100% satisfied with your purchase. Schedule a fitting here