What is the 'basted fit sample'?

This is a partially constructed jacket and pants to help hone in your fit.  We use a fabric that drapes well to see any potential fit issues before your actual clothes are made.


Why do I need to pay $150 for the basted fit sample?

An intermittent fitting is an essential part of the bespoke process, and allows us to ensure we get your fit just right.  At Smith Bespoke we want this fitting to be an included part of the process, so we treat that payment as a deposit toward your clothing purchase.  Once you select your first item to be made after your fit sample, we will apply the $150 toward that price!

What is the process like when I place an order online?

After we receive your order it is sent to our tailors to start the process of being created. Your pattern will be hand drawn (based on your specifications) to fit you. The cloth and canvasing will be cut and sewn together by hand using this pattern.  Once the item is complete, it is given a quality control check before shipping out.  Online orders are sent to you, and in-person orders are sent to your clothier to arrange an in-person fitting. 

How long should I expect my order to take?

Everything we do at Smith Bespoke is made unique for you.  If you are ordering for the first time, expect the full process (including basted fitting) to take approximately 8-9 weeks.  Subsequent orders should take 4-6 weeks.

Can I rush my order?

Please speak with a clothier if you need a rushed order.  Our ability to rush an order is dependent on current order volume, and will come with an additional charge.

What does shipping cost?

We feel that shipping costs detracts from the luxury experience we seek to offer so shipping will always be free for domestic orders. We do have to charge international shipping and have a flat fee of $45 if the clothing is being shipped outside of the USA.

What if my finished order needs alterations when I receive it?

All Smith Bespoke items come with a certain amount of seam allowance so that they can be safely altered if needed.  We will of course work with you to determine what alterations might be needed, and help support getting alterations taken care of.

What is the Smith Bespoke return policy?

Because everything we make is a unique piece for just for you, we are unable to accept returns.  If for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will work with you to get it right.