Black Label - A Virtual Bespoke

While we of course allow you to purchase from our selections and enter in your measurements, we have found that frequently, we can get better results when we work directly with you to place your order. If you want our more hands-on process (which we recommend), take a look at what it is:

Consultative Phone Call

We will get a better sense of what you’re looking for and help provide suggestions and ideas. Schedule a Call HERE

Virtual Consultation

We will schedule a video chat to help walk you through fabric and design options as well as coach you through taking some measurements to help get you started and place your order.
Want to go straight to this? Schedule a video chat HERE

Baste Fitting

4-6 weeks later, we will take a look at the baste fitting garment together, and walk-through any necessary changes to your pattern.

Learn more about Baste Fittings HERE

Get Your Clothes

Once you receive your clothes, we will follow up and make sure it is just how you wanted them!

See examples HERE