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White Label Experience

White Label is the Smith Bespoke take on an elevated ready to wear offering.  Creating a hybrid of made-to-measure and true ready-to-wear, we believe this collection is a unique offering as a way to get introduced to Smith Bespoke.  Made with the same care as any of our Black or Gold Label items, these machine made items allow us to offer an introductory price for high quality clothing.

Select Your Item:  Choose from our selection of White Label suits, jackets, jeans, or shirts.  You’ll notice the offering is more limited, but it allows us to take a more aggressive price point with these items.


Made Your Way:  You’ll have a limited selection of customization options for each category - get the lapel style you want, select the collar you prefer, or find other things to make this uniquely yours


Fine Tune Your Fit:  We believe that even with a ready-to-wear item, you should be able to hone in some key measurements.  You’ll hear from one of our team members to help you get a couple of key measurements for the items you purchased.  This will allow us to deliver to you, clothing that fits better than normal off-the-rack options.


We allow adjustments to:
Suit - jacket length, jacket waist, jacket sleeves, pant waist, pant length, pant 
Jacket - length, waist, sleeves
Denim - waist, length, pant opening
Shirt - collar, length, sleeve length, cuffs, body

Love Your New Clothes:  In about 4-5 weeks, your new clothes will arrive made to the specifications that we decided on, and you get to love something that is still made uniquely for you!  Our hope is that you end up with a piece of clothing that will quickly become a favorite in your closet, and if you ever want something even more special we encourage you to try our Black Label bespoke offering.