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Women's Custom



At Smith Bespoke, we are proud to offer a full bespoke service for women. All women, regardless of budget are run through our baste fitting process, in order to provide the best fit. 


First, we take around 35-40 measurements on your build and ask questions about your specific style and fit desires. We take meticulous notes as we learn about who you are as a businesswoman and how you want to look and feel. 

Second, we have you pick from an assortment of cloth. With women's clothing we like to offer a plethora of stretch cloth so we can make the clothing to your specifications without problems. 

Third, we create a baste fitting for your initial outfit. We do this because each woman has a unique build and fit preference. We want to do everything we can to get the fit EXACTLY how you are wanting. A baste fitting goes a long way in helping us achieve the fit you are wanting before we even cut the cloth of the things you pick.

Fourth, we do a final fitting after the adjustments from the baste. At this point, we can make any final adjustments as we see are needed which will then be made to your pattern that is on file with us.